Founded in 2009 by Myka Barbato, WAX Atlanta is the first full service waxing studio in Atlanta and set the standard for waxing. Since then we’ve expanded our services to include BUFF nail bar and PEEL Skinlab and have become the perfect space to bring beauty, energy and style into our client’s lives.

At WAX, it’s about more than just waxing. Located at Studioplex in one of Atlanta’s most vibrant neighborhoods, WAX is a haven of beauty and style. Our curated selection of retail features natural, indie beauty and lifestyle brands not seen other places in Atlanta such as EcoBrow, Herbivore Botanicals, ILIA Beauty, and Henne Organics.


Sanitation. We NEVER recycle or “double dip” any wax. Both of these practices are highly unsanitary. We purposefully found wax that comes in small quantities so that each client can rest assured knowing our wax is fresh and never recycled.

Outstanding customer service. Online booking, a caring staff, detailed client history, coffee, tea and wine, loyalty program and retail you won’t see other places. We are committed to creating the best experience possible for our clients.

Education. Too many people wax without asking any questions. This is how you end up with scarred brows and bruised skin. We ask the appropriate questions and inform every client about the DO’s and DONT’S of waxing to guarantee a great experience. An educated client is an asset and we love to share our knowledge!