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Samantha Boyum

sam + nameSamantha Boyum is a NC native who is passionate about cats, special effects make up and art. She spends her free time hanging with friends, drawing and Larping. She’s our junior nail tech and she loves creating custom nail art for clients.

Things you would save in a fire: My cat Skittles, of course.

Ideal Vacation: Australia

Dream Job: Special effects make up artist

Favorite Meal: Mac and cheese



Priscilla Parker

Priscilla developed her artistic eye at a young age by showing an appreciation of the arts. Nail polish just happened to be an expressive form of art that she embraced early on. With a fascination of details she realized the fashion & beauty industry was the career direction she wished to pursue.

Priscilla takes pride in her work because doing nails is truly her passion. She has been servicing clients for many years & has become a sought out manicurist working with leading fashion houses, designer’s & models at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Check out some of her work here.

Childhood Ambition: To be a lawyer

Book That Had the Most Effect on You: The Four Agreements

3 Things You Can’t Live Without: Shopping, beauty products and wine

Who Would You Want To Be Your Personal Stylist? Alexander Wang:  w/o a doubt… Absolutely love his vision & creativity

Hasani Young

hasani + nameHasani is a native of Los Angeles who left the beach and sun behind to give Atlanta a shot. She’s worked as a celebrity nail stylist in Hollywood working with brands such as NCLA and Kitson and is fast becoming the go to person in Atlanta for creative, custom nail art. She’s super creative and you can see a lot of her  nail artistry on our Instagram account @buffnailbar. In her free time she likes to hang out with family and friends, work on DIY projects and dream about vacationing in Greece.

Childhood Ambition: To be a mother.

Book that has most influenced you: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Last 3 songs Shazamed: “Break Up” by Nicki Minaj, “At Home in Space” by Fila Brazillia & “How I Feel” by Wax Tailor

3 Things You Can’t Live Without: My mom, my phone & money

8 Tips For Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

Things can get hectic this time of year but we can’t resist throwing a little soiree with our family and friends to spread some holiday cheer. We’ve compiled a guide to help you prepare everything you’ll need to entertain this season and host the perfect party.

1.) Cocktails

If you ask us, the most important part of any get-together is the cocktail when you first arrive. Around the holidays, guests are looking to indulge in seasonal favorites. We suggest something warm with a bite – a Hot Toddy.

The Kitchn has a great twist on the old classic: a Tequila Hot Toddy. Check out the full recipe.


2.) Decor

Want to add a little something extra to last year’s decor or looking to change up your theme? We think this simple DIY combines nature and glamour in an awesome way – seriously. Just add glitter!

Buy or gather some pinecones, coat them in craft glue, sprinkle on gold, blue, or silver glitter, and voila! You’ve got a sparkly take on the seasons natural elements.


3.) Food

Everyone is a fan of a throwback, and you can’t go wrong with a cheeseball around this time of the year. Our resident Highbrow Hippie has come up with a pretty amazing version of this party favorite. Check out Myka’s recipe here. Anyone can make this. Trust us.


4.) Hostess Mani

Of course, you’re going to want to look your best as you mix and mingle with your guests. Getting your holiday mani before the madness of party planning takes over is your best bet – especially with the WAX Mani of the Month. December’s mani is nothing short of merry and bright, and durable to boot! This gel glitter mani gives you the festive effect you’re looking for while providing some serious gel strength that will hold up during your decorating and cooking.


5.) Music

Setting the mood with the right music is a crucial part of any party. Gather all of your favorite holiday classics and make a playlist for the entire evening. All you have to do is press play and let the good times roll!

Need some inspiration? Don’t worry. Check out Myka’s playlist here: Highbrow Hippie Holiday

6.) Ambiance

The easiest way to set the ambiance at any party is to light a beautiful candle…or two, or three, or four! Personally, we’re huge fans of NEST. Their fragrances are so incredible. Pop by WAX to pick up our favorite scent – Sicilian Tangerine.


7.) Fun

If you’re looking for the perfect way to make even your most bah-humbug of guests get into the swing of things, try a DIY photobooth! Hang a layer of tinsel along an empty wall, grab a Santa hat and other props, set up a Polaroid, and snap away! These photos provide instant fun and a great momento for guests to remember your party!

DIY tinsel backdrop here: Lovely Indeed


8.) De-stress and Pamper

The booze is gone, the music has stopped, and all of your guests have made it home safe and sound. This calls for a little R&R for the hostess! A pedicure, brow wax or tint, even eyelash extensions…it’s time to head to WAX to clear your head and get ready for the party fun to start again – but this time, at someone elses house!













The WAX Ladies Reveal All: ILIA

We’re always on the hunt for the next best beauty brand and we know we’ve found something special with ILIA. We’re so excited to carry this incredible cosmetic line at WAX, especially during the holidays! Any beauty-lovin’ lady would be happy to be gifted ILIA – including yours truly!

We’ve compiled our favorite ILIA products to make picking up a few next time you’re at WAX a snap. Check out what we’re loving below!

“I can’t get enough of the 99 Red Ballons Lip Crayon. It’s the perfect holiday red without the pink undertone!” – Misty


“The Polka Dots and Moonbeams Illuminator is just the touch you need to give you a special glow.” – Jamie


“Everyone should get their hands on the Nighfall Mascara. It makes your eyelashes look fabulous and sultry.” – Priscilla


“If you’re looking for the absolute best pink ever, then look no further. Neon Angel lipstick has you covered.” – Myka


“The cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t stay bronze! I’m loving the Sway Illuminator bronzer for year-round use.” – Hasani


Lust for Life is a limited edition color in the Tinted Lip Conditioners line…need I say more? Grab it fast!” – Lane


“The All of Me Multi-Stick is an awesome cheek tint. It’s so natural looking and moisturizing, too!” – Sam


“Talk about a pop of color! The Crimson & Clover Tinted Lip Conditioner can add something special to any look.” – Rhiannon


Misty Marie Moss

Misty is a graduate of The Esani Institute in Atlanta. She is WAX’s lead esthetician has been named “Best Waxer In Atlanta” by Allure magazine. Misty loves the immediate satisfaction of waxing and in her words she “doesn’t want to be good at everything she wants to be amazing at a few things.” Bikini design is one of those things – she has had many designs pass her way. In addition to bikini design she is also skilled at designing a great brow through waxing or threading. To add to the allure of the eye created through a great brow, Misty studied abroad at The London Makeup Academy and is a skilled make up artist. Misty is known as the “Gentle Waxer”. From her soft voice to her soothing hands everything about her is calm and quiet…But we know better – those hands have waved about in the air while regaling us with tales of a life well lived and embarrassing moments that we had to swear not to print here….

Favorite Indulgences: Chocolate, Online Shopping

3 Things That People Wouldn’t Know About You: I have 9 tattoos, I lived in Guam & I collect Salt and Pepper shakers.

Personal Soundtrack: Brazilian Girls

Personal Style in Three Words: Simple, Southern, Rock

First Job: K-MART

Childhood Ambition: To marry Michael Jackson and to be Madonna

To find out more about Misty click here

Lane Reid

Lane is a graduate of the International School of Skin and Nails and has worked in many areas of the esthetics field over the past 10 years.  She specializes in Brazilians and brows as they are the most challenging in waxing services.  Lane believes that true beauty comes from within, and because of that, she is also a certified nutritionist as well as an accomplished organic food chef.  She believes in the importance of customer service and appreciates client relationships that are created through making people more beautiful than they really are. She hails all the way from Canada so keep reading to find out more about our favorite import!

Ideal vacation: A beach where you can see through the water for miles.

Book that has most influenced you: How To Create The Perfect Eyebrow

Things you can’t live without: Chapstick & my shoe collection

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Edward. Vampires probably have less body hair.

If you could have anyone be your personal stylist who would it by and why? Kim Kardashian because she always looks amazing!

Three things people wouldn’t know about you: I love tequila & sci-fi and have a designer sunglasses addiction!

Find out more about Lane here.

P. Willow

heart_willow_printOur resident lady about the town, P. Willow, lives the life we wish we could.  You’ve seen her on our postcards, you’ve seen her slinking around our facebook and twitter.  Now she’s blogging and ready to offer her two cents on life and living!  Learn a little more about our “mascot”…

Childhood ambition:   to become a backup dancer for Michael Jackson (duh).

Things you would save in a fire:  My collection of vintage collars, my Jonathan Adler kitty krack jar, and my travel diaries.

Favorite indulgences:  Body wraps, Mani / Pedis and custom blended perfumes.

First job:   A bodega in Brooklyn.

3 Things people wouldn’t necessarily know about you:

1.  I love taking bubble baths

2.  I prefer vintage over new

3.  I take about 5 naps a day.  I’m a firm believer in beauty rest!

Skincare routine:  Lick, smooth and repeat.


Personal soundtrack:  Moon Pix by Cat Power




Three things you can’t live without.vp1

  1. A bottle of Château du lait 1986
  2. An organic latex mattress
  3. French Vogue


Micky Richards

Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, Micky became a peach in the summer of 1995.  She graduated from Clayton State University with B.B.A. in marketing and soon after obtained a job managing an insurance agency.  Late in 2010, Micky decided to make a career change and enrolled at the International School of Skin and Nails and later obtained her Esthetics license, and we are super happy that she did!  Micky’s “passion for waxing” began while studying at ISSN.  She loves the instant gratification of going from prickly and unsightly, to smooth and aesthetically pleasing.  Additionally, Micky is passionate about creating, correcting, and/or maintaining beautiful brows, as she believes they play a vital role in your face’s overall appearance.  Find out more about what Micky is all about when she’s not busy perfecting your brows…

Things you would save in a fire:  My stiletto collection

First job: Mickey D’s, commonly known as McDonalds

Personal style in 3 words:  Sexy, sophisticated, black

Your spirit animal, and why?  A chameleon because I’m adaptable to any environment

Skincare routine:  I cleanse, tone, and moisturize EVERY morning and night.  I usually exfoliate and mask every 3 days

3 things that people wouldn’t necessarily know about you:

  1. I love math
  2. I love dogs
  3. I am half Jamaican

Dream job:  Personal assistant to Idris Elba…he is soooo darn attractive  (and he has a British accent….)