Prices subject to change without notice

Name Description Cost
basic manicure for clients who get regular manicures. polish removal + shape + light cuticle care + polish application $28
buff nail care A more in depth service for clients who don't get regular manicures. polish removal + shape + nail brushing + cuticle care + buff + hydrating hand massage + polish application $35
buff stoners manicure all of the above + exfoliating scrub $40
buff restorative hand treatment Great for dry hands and nails. We recommend this service seasonally to keep nails and hands in top shape! polish removal + shape + cuticle care + buff + scrub + honey mask + anti aging treatment serum + hydrating hand massage. **This treatment does not include polish** $48
MINIcure just like mommy’s, only smaller. For clients under the age of 10. $15
Gel Manicure basic manicure + gel polish application $39
Gel polish removal no charge if having it reapplied $10
buff basic pedicure shape + cuticle care + foot exfoliation + callus treatment + moisturizing massage + buff + polish application $39
buff stoners pedicure all of the above + exfoliating scrub + hot stone massage $50
buff luxe pedicure for those who’s feet need a little more attention. shape + cuticle care + thorough callus care and elimination + exfoliating scrub + raw honey moisturizing mask + buff + polish application $65
Gel Pedicure basic pedicure + gel polish application $50
Crystal Pedicure Crystals grow in the earth’s crust over millions of years at high pressures and heat making them the objects on earth with the most energy. Having a crystal on you or within your electromagnetic field, raises your vibrational level by refracting and reflecting light into your energy field. This is a process much like acupuncture, which filters out stagnant energy. Crystals will also filter their unique properties into your energy field as well. They are capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating, refracting, and reflecting light – the highest form of energy known in the physical universe. Choose from a selection of 3 crystals carefully selected to promote the following qualities Grounding, Balancing & Elevating. We invite you to enjoy this pedicure silently and with your awareness on the outcome you are working to achieve. $59
Exfoliating Foot Peel A fruit acid based foot peel. Great for the transition of seasons, this foot peel removes dead skin and calluses exposing smooth, soft skin. Includes a basic manicure while peel is applied. $65
nail art + wraps starting at $2.50 per nail
Mani of the Month each month we feature a manicure of the month of our own design showcasing the latest in contemporary nail art. $45+
Lemon + Lavender Manicure + Pedicure 120 minutes of zesty relaxation with our featured Mani + Pedi. This refreshing service begins with a cooling soak in lemon and lavender accented water, followed by an invigorating lemon zest and lavender flower scrub and a restorative white Kaolin clay mask for both hands and feet. $125
Foot Fetish Exfoliating foot peel + luxe pedicure. get your foot peel done and come back in 2 weeks to have us remove any remaining lingering dead skin and add intense moisture to your newly exfoliated feet! the ultimate in foot care, we recommend this combination twice a year at the end of Winter and the beginning of Fall. $130