Hard wax really is better.

May 28, 2013


This week instead of answering a question, I decided to share an experience. It’s scarred me so that I just had to share!!

I recently went on a trip without getting waxed prior to leaving. It’s usually top on my list, but it was a busy week and even I couldn’t get an appointment! I found a place in NY that specializes in waxing and had great reviews so I was curious to see what the competition was up to. The place was nice enough but for some reason as soon as I walked in I felt more like I was in a cattle call. Names & services were being yelled out from the front desk while a constant flurry of nameless estheticians hustled clients through an unmarked door.Once in the back I went through the usual routine and was horrified when the esthetician began to apply strip wax to my nether regions. For those of you who aren’t aware, strip wax is the type of wax that is applied and then removed with a strip of cloth and a quick pull. It was at that moment I remembered how much strip waxing hurt. I considered getting off the table, but decided to go for it – if only for the experience of letting you all know about it later. I took one for the team.

After a highly uncomfortable 14 minutes (yes, 14!) for a half leg and Brazilian, I jumped off the table and assessed the situation. Redness was abundant as was sensitivity. I had to leave my panties in my purse – the thought of putting them on again was unbearable. Fast forward 2 weeks and I am so full of ingrowns it’s frightening. And that my friends is why I am devoted to WAX. Strip wax + a too fast service + pulls in the wrong direction = nightmare. This is why we do what we do. Hard wax + Brazilian = less irritation and a better experience.

So next time you’re thinking about walking into any old place, do yourself a favor. Don’t.

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