Leela’s Addictions

February 7, 2012

Photo by Jason Travis

So much has gone on at WAX this past January with all of the exciting new renovations that it’s a relief to find ourselves starting anew.  New month, new outlook, new addictions!  Typically February is all about boxed chocolates and stuffy winter wear, but this year I feel it’s much different.  Don’t get me wrong, I still get excited about a box of chocolates and a good peacoat, but this time it’s all about planning ahead for spring.  You could even say, I’m addicted to it….

Here are some things that have been (and will continue to be) on my list for the month of February:

1.)  Vintage Brown Ankle Boots:  I could easily forecast this as a life-long addiction at this point, but it started when I found the most comfortable flat, brown, lace up vintage ankle boots on Etsy.  My overly obsessive shopping days are over (along with my early twenties), so now when I find something I like, I like it to death.  Here’s where I bought mine:  Granny’s Bootery

2.)  Tanglewood Farms:  Three words:  Miniature, farm, animals.  ‘Nuff said.  Google it.  Go there and get blind sighted by cuteness.

3.)  Éminence Strawberry Rhubarb Masque:  I love to use this as either a mask, or as a bi-weekly scrub.  The texture is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and has saved my skin from break outs on many occasions.


4.)  Organic Gardening:  With all of this premature spring weather, I have been itching to get my raised bed plans all in order.  Never having made a true attempt at cultivating a successful garden, this year feels like my year (to not be so lazy).  Along with my planning, I have been perusing the Georgia Organics website regularly for tips, organic seed resources, and updates on the local food movement in Georgia.

5.)  Turquoise, bones, and feathers:  I realize the Native American, bohemian vibe is a bit of a trend right now, but I seriously can’t get enough of these natural elements.  Whether it’s in jewelry, art, or used as an embellishment, I’m into it.  However, as with all things, I feel it’s important to be conscious of ethics over vanity.  If you’re looking for awesome cruelty-free feathers, check out the Friendly Feather Shop.  They make great gift wrapping flair!

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