Myka Jene Barbato

January 16, 2013

Myka is the owner here at WAX and you can usually find her in one of the following places: upstairs in the office or mainlining espresso at our coffee machine….She is a beauty, design and fashion junkie. From the time she was a little girl at the age of 3 “putting on her jewelry” before she went to nursery, she has been enamored with beautiful things and making things beautiful. That is what led her to Paris to study Fashion Marketing and also what landed her in the marketing department at Diane Von Furstenberg in NY. Her desire to move beyond clothing pushed her to work as a stylist – creating beautiful environments for magazines and video shoots. Opening WAX is a combination of the things she loves and does best – creating the perfect space to bring beauty, energy and style into other people’s lives. In the tradition of sharing here are a few things that maybe you didn’t know about her:

Things you would save in a fire: Myself. Everything else can be replaced.

Book that has most influenced you: The Celestine Prophecy

First job: Front desk at a hair salon on N. Highland.

Personal style in 3 words. Evolving. Vintagey. Inconsistent.

If you could have anyone be your personal stylist, who would it be, and why? Lou Dillion….the whole Parisian messy chic thing. Or Kate Moss…the whole messy chic British thing.

3 things that people wouldn’t necessarily know about you: I meditate daily, speak 3 languages and once got stranded overnight on a sailboat with no wind, no water and no food. Fun.

Find out more about Myka here.

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