WAX is Lashing Out

February 5, 2016

Untitled design.jpg1How many tens, twenties or hundreds have you spent on the ‘perfect’ mascara?

How many lash centric instagram pages are you following?

Which primer, serum or curler has you (almost) believing it will deliver the lashes of your dreams?

As we are all aware, not everyone has movie star lashes naturally. But we know someone who can fix that….

RaneyRaney O’Keefe, one of Atlantas’ premier Lash Stylists (and full time independent Makeup Artist) has been helping women realize their best lash potential for over eight years.

Whether you’re a no makeup kind of gal looking to toss the mascara, making a fierce comeback from cancer treatment, or ready to maximize your lash potential to the fullest, Raney has the tools and the expertise to give you exactly the lashes you’re looking for.

A starting set of lashes will run you $275, with refills priced between $75 and $95 depending on visit frequency. All first time clients of Raney are invited to enjoy $25 off their first set of lashes now through March 15 when they mention WAX at scheduling.

*If you have lashes remaining from another boutique, removal fee may apply.

All lash appointments are held on an appointment only basis. To schedule your lash extensions with Raney, contact her directly via phone or email.

360.970.7375 raney@raneyokeefe.com

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