Why I Opened BUFF Nail Bar

June 9, 2015

BUFF fullBy now we all know the hazards of visiting an unsanitary nail salon. If you don’t then take some time to read the recent articles in the NY Times here and here. Potential bacteria, infection, exposure to toxic chemicals…the fact that you have to dust off your polish bottle when you take it off the shelf…Gross. Have you noticed that no one asks you questions about your nails or tells you what to do between visits? Years ago I went to a nail salon with a vertical split in my nail and watched as the manicurist buffed my nail down to the skin and never even mentioned it. I left with a big dent in my nail and the split still grew back in. Not ideal.

After spending time in countless nail salons in countless cities (and countries) around the world I have come to realize the following:

  • You get what you pay for. A $12 dollar manicure might sound like a deal, but by the time you factor in the crappy products used, the fact that the manicurist may or may not be licensed chances are you could end up doing more harm than good. And by harm I mean cutting corners and damaging your nails by using products and techniques that do the opposite of what they are supposed to which is to add moisture and strength.
  • A clean polish shelf says a lot. If you go to choose your color and the shelf is dusty then chances are what happens in the back is substandard as well. I mean, if you can’t manage dust, chances are you can’t maintain much else. Including the sanitation of instruments.
  • Massaging pedicure chairs are the worst. I can’t relax thinking about all the dead skin and bacteria that could be trapped in the pipes filtering into the foot bath. Those arm rests, covered in cracked plastic, the uncomfortable massage settings which invariably cause me to wince in pain. Not at all relaxing.

This is why I opened BUFF. I couldn’t take it any longer and was wondering why no one was doing something different. Why was no one focusing on the health of your nails AND a great polish?

At BUFF you will find stainless steel instruments and pedicures bowls, carefully maintained sanitation practices, plant based holistic nail products and polishes that are free of harmful chemicals. Your nails absorb everything – you should be aware of what you are putting on them.

When it comes to your nails I suggest that you become very picky about where you go. Make sure to ask about sanitation practices, speak up if you aren’t getting the service you desire and most important of all make sure the person who is doing your nails is licensed to do so.

And if you haven’t given BUFF a try, I’d like to invite you to do so. We’re setting a new standard in nail care.

*photograph courtesy of BUFF nail bar in Atlanta.

*manicures starting at $25


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