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Opened in 2012, BUFF, our all natural nail bar, is intimate, clean and modern. With only three manicure and pedicure stations, the focus is on natural nail care and wellness in a relaxing and fun environment. Recline in our Zero Gravity chairs during a signature WAX pedicure or chat with a friend over manis at our custom-built communal nail bar.

We set ourselves apart from the average nail salon in the following ways:

We only use products and polishes that are free of harmful chemicals. Way before it was the cool thing to do, we realized that using all of these chemicals wasn’t a good idea. Our polishes are free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene along with the allergens camphor and formaldehyde resin—all potentially dangerous ingredients that could do everything from disrupt your endocrine system to cause cancer. Our cuticle oil is organic and made in-house. Polish lines offered at BUFF include RGB, NCLA & Habit Cosmetics , NARS and Deborah Lippman. Gel polish and custom nail art are offered as additional services.

We’re picky about your foot bath. Sure, soaking your feet in a pool of warm, bubbly water is relaxing, but did you know that bacteria may be introduced into your bath from those vibrating chairs? Or that those porous foot scrubbers are a magnet for bacteria? Our stainless steel pedicure bowls and implements are sanitized with hospital grade sanitizer before and after each use eliminating any concern about lurking bacteria.

For a list of services and pricing, please click here Be sure to keep up with our Manis of the Month and more on Instagram and Facebook.

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