Founded in 2009 by Myka Barbato, WAX Studio was the first full service waxing studio in Atlanta, and set the standard for waxing. Since then we’ve expanded our services to include BUFF nail bar and have become the perfect space to bring beauty, energy and style into our client’s lives. It’s the ultimate neighborhood gathering spot where you can relax, spend time taking care of yourself and meeting new friends discovering new products.

Often times we find that when people have had a bad waxing experience it comes from two things:

  • Bad technique
  • Bad product.

By keeping our focus on these areas – we provide our clients with the ultimate experience every time. You won’t find any 10 minute Brazilians here. We want you to enjoy your service, and so we take the time necessary to make sure you are comfortable and that every hair is removed and not broken off by rushing.

What Makes Wax Atlanta Different?

  • Sanitation. We NEVER recycle or “double dip” any wax. Both of these practices are highly unsanitary and not to mention gross. We purposefully found wax that comes in small quantities so that every client can rest assured knowing our wax is fresh and never recycled.

    We’re so committed to your health (and the planet’s) that we’ve taken things a step further by incorporating as many green practices as we can into the design of our studio – low VOC paint, vintage and salvaged materials and low voltage, energy efficient lighting. WAX only uses and retails products that are free of harsh, unhealthy and environmentally toxic ingredients.

  • Outstanding customer service. Online booking, a staff that cares, detailed client history, coffee, tea and wine, loyalty program and exclusive events. We are committed to creating the best experience possible for our clients.
  • We educate our clients. Too many people wax without asking any questions. This is how you end up with burned brows and bruised skin. We ask questions and we inform every client about the DO’s and DONT’s of waxing to guarantee a great experience. An educated client is an asset and we love to share our knowledge!

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